Jul. 2nd, 2015

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Jul. 2nd, 2015 07:57 pm
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This is for the press/public relations committee:

Fabius and Saul asked us to sound out the people we were meeting with on our rounds to find out what people were thinking and saying about the old Protectorate versus new Albion.

One thing that came through loud and clear is that no one believes that it's the Order of the Phoenix who's showing up wearing our armbands to kill people: 'Do they think we're that bleeding stupid?'

(I should say, no one in the camps believes it. We should keep an ear out for any refugees arriving from the New London area, to see what they have to say.)

Mostly: people can see the changes happening, but they're grumbling because they want them to happen faster. We think that keeping regular news coming out about progress on these various fronts will help people stay patient.

They've heard about the new banks being planned and set up, and everyone's eager to know when a bank's coming to their neighbourhood. Now that people are starting to actually earn wages instead of working as slaves, naturally they want a place to be able to keep their money safe (word is filtering out about the shakedowns happening in New London. Fidelius is one thing, but stuffing pots of money into the mattress makes the mattress lumpy. Besides, people want to be able to earn interest and invest).

The directory project for family reunification is generating a little bit of fear but even more hope (I think people are starting to believe that we're not taking down their names to make it easier for Bellatrix Lestrange to descend on their home and kill everyone inside). The only thing keeping some of them from picking up stakes and going out searching for lost loved ones is the hope that long lost family members will be able to find them more easily if they stay put.

There's a lot of excited talk about the plans going forward for new schools to open this autumn, as well as hospitals, municipal centers and universities. The camps and communities are doing a great job with the push for individual and community gardens, and there's a lot of hope that there'll be enough food for everyone next winter. We heard a suggestion from Beatrix Beerling at Sevenoaks: the workers there have voted to donate one day a month to the community labour pool to get transportation infrastructure from town to town up and operating again (repairs to rails, teaching the next generation about how to get old lorries running again, and so on).

I would say that there is a bit more willingness to trust us than there was even two weeks ago. We estimate that about 75% of the camps can receive programming from an Albion-loyal radio station now. And the people are definitely listening. They like the children's programming and the how to stuff, and music is appreciated, but they're really hungry for news. Presenting the news in question-and-answer format is even more trusted than just someone reading off announcements, particularly when they know the people asking the questions (like that program Lee did last week where we had the camp representatives posing them). Since the Protectorate didn't allow questions, the contrast with the old regime is really stark.

Let me know if there's anything else you want us to find out about, and we'll try to follow up--Frank, Tonks, George or me, I mean. Or Jeremy's lot: I know the supplies and requisition people have been taking the pulse on people's opinions, too.


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