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May. 20th, 2015 07:22 pm
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George and I saw two camps yesterday and two today. It takes longer than you would think.

Okay, we had one lucky break, and that's something that we realised when the two of us showed up, obviously twins, and one of us could do magic and the other couldn't. When they asked at Dacorum why George hadn't been done away with as a squib, we explained about the neo-fidelius spell George cast. So yeah, we magically secured a place from inferi during battle that we used to put up an armoury where we made and stored weapons. And those weapons helped to overthrow the Ministry of Magic. That thawed the ice for the suspicious very quickly.

It made us realise: any wizard who shows up at one of these camps this week (without being flagged by the button network first) is courting the possibility of being brained with a shovel. When camps are overthrown, if the people at the gate don't know about the Order, they don't want anything to do with wizards, and who could blame them?

We think these delegations to the camps should be mixed parties: both wizards and muggles, in other words. By doing that, we're showing how we're different than the Protectorate better than any argument we could make. Asking how we can help disarms them, too.

Another thing we realised very quickly in our first conversations. Aside from the immediate physical needs, these people want their families. They want freedom to travel, and they want help locating their lost parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, grans and children. In fact, there is already a lot of turmoil, people packing up to leave, determined to walk fifty miles to where they saw a family member ten years ago. It's going to be chaos as more camps turn over leadership.

Another thing that occurred to us: whenever Dad and Frank and Kingsley and Tonks took a muggleborn kid from a camp, they left a sketch with the parents that showed them the changes as the kid grew up, right? Dad told George once that those sketches would be used when the Protectorate was overthrown to help reunite the kids with their parents. We think the Moddey Dhoo kids should go with the delegations back to their birthplaces and reconnect with their parents. They'll be living proof that the Order has a different agenda than the Protectorate: each kid and their parents, can make the argument for us. Lots of those parents are on the button network anyway.

To facilitate family re-unification, they want some kind of, I dunno, record of information set up. From the sounds of what they wanted it to do, it would have to be magical--but they were very clear that they want Muggles in control of it. No one wants to give their name and personal information to a wizard and then tell them where they last saw their mum. If we could figure out a way to do that, help them magically, but put the controls for doing it in their hands, it would help us win back some of the trust that's been beaten out of them over the past decade.

All right, specific camps:

1) Dacorum. You asked us to looked for Linda Toulson, the filing clerk there on the button network. She's safe, and she acted quickly enough to get people to stop the administrators from setting fire to a huge dormitory complex. Still, there were scores of injuries and about sixty deaths. The triage stations at the nearby safe house really cut the death toll as people were injured during the fighting, so they were pleased about that at least. Linda said about half of the camp administrators fled, a quarter of them surrendered and a quarter of them were killed (included in the death toll). She says she'll stay there for now, as there's a lot to do, but the people there are used to and trust the button network, and so things seem stable for now. We'll hand over a list of what she said they need over to Jeremy.

2) North Kesteven. Gideon Knight. He's all right, although he received a cut over his eye during the fighting--they healed it at the triage safe house the next day. Blimey, when we told him our names, he immediately asked whether we were related to Arthur Weasley. He remembered meeting Dad almost six years ago. Reckon it was a memorable conversation; anyway, he said it was. Told us Dad was about the only bloke who ever came to see him from the Ministry who seemed to have an ounce of sympathy for muggles.

Things are okay there for now, but they're really short on food. Apparently the senior Camp Administrator thought his salary wasn't high enough. So he supplemented it on the side by taking a good quarter of the camp allotment and selling it on the black market. Everybody knew it, too. That bloke was one of the first they killed.

Gideon said he wants more anything to get back to Norwich, because that's where his family was, but he's too busy trying to keep things from falling apart, now that the camp is more or less in his hands.

3) Chipstead. Irene Young. Irene said, sheepish-like that she might have 'anticipated' the Jerusalem signal. The camp staff had a special banquet served to them that night--and they all fell ill, supposedly with food poisoning. They were too busy vomming to give Irene and her hand-picked team much trouble when the signal came. No injuries at all, and the entire camp administration is in custody. (And the lock up smells buggering awful. Irene says she might get around to arranging to have it cleaned tomorrow. Or next week. Eventually. Some day.)

We told her we love a good prank, and we swear, her eyes were twinkling like Albus' used to do.

She had her list all ready for us, and we'll give it to Jeremy.

4) Purbeck. Luke Palmer. Things weren't going so well here. Luke was blasted by an enforcer and lost a leg in the fighting. Almost bled to death. The camp administrators took the camp back for almost twelve hours until there was another fight and they were finally routed. The camp staff escaped almost entirely in the end, leaving a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in their wake. About seventy killed and a hundred and twenty injured. Their most urgent needs, of course, are medical. The healers at the triage safe house wasn't able to see the wounded quickly enough, which made the toll worse.

I have notes for Alice from all four of them.

Date: 2015-05-21 05:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alt_alice
Thank you both.

Date: 2015-05-21 03:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alt_poppy
I'll see to the Healers. Thank you for keeping me informed of what's needed where.

Date: 2015-05-21 05:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alt_cedric
Looking at international communications, we're going to need population numbers. The best approximation that we can get, as soon as possible. If we can add that to the ridiculous pile of stuff we need to talk about at each camp.

Also those with stevedore (or even warehouse) experience will, hopefully, be needed in Dover soon. If you happen on anyone like that, let Stebs know so he can get in touch once cargo starts arriving.

Date: 2015-05-21 05:09 pm (UTC)
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Ta very much, gents. We're bringing Luke Ferris from Saltash along with us for the ride today.

Was able to stop by Lincoln yesterday, Gupta is alive and well, and willing to come out over the weekend. He said the sooner we can get more boots on the ground in terms of waking up the army, the better off things'll be. Lincoln's running a fairly tight ship -- they'll be in decent shape for the short-term at least.

Record keeping will be an issue, yeah. Just keeping straight who died in the fighting is a mess, let alone which records were obscured or hidden. In Lincoln, they're just having teams of people interview everyone for lists of names of people they are related to, and where those people were from originally. It's slow going.

Date: 2015-05-21 05:16 pm (UTC)
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I'd be very wary of bringing the children out to the camps -- some appear to be more stable than others, and some are very young yet, so we'll have to work on it on a case-by-case basis.

Reunification is important, though -- bringing some parents back to Moddey to stay wouldn't be amiss, it'll be crowded, but we can manage, and if it gets too crowded, we'll have other places they can go that would be secure. And we can ask them to visit the camps they were from as emissaries of sorts and talk to the people there.

I'll read your reports and we'll work as we go. If you do encounter any Moddey parent, tell them they will be reunited as soon as we can manage, one way or another.


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