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Apr. 18th, 2015 10:02 pm
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The location we are in is the Coppertree Metalworks and surrounding vicinity, two miles northwest of Barrow-in-Furness.
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Terry's here in New Settlement Four now. Just so you know, he had a minor splinch getting here on his upper arm--he's right furious about Ollerton, which we think is why it happened--but we got some dittany on it right away, and he'll be all right.

We saw Jeremy Stretton a little while ago, helping with set up of some of the perimeter security charms, so we know he's safe, too.
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Did you sleep okay? Did you refrain from stuffing a sock down Dudley's throat to get some peace? Eat breakfast? No one's stepped on you? Coat soft and silky? No fleas?

I saw you and Madam Pomfrey wrote to each other. Hope it helped.

No more ideas about chucking it all and running away? Because we have brooms and you don't, and you'd never manage to shake us off your tail, mate. Besides, Sirius can transform, too, he's a good tracker, and his legs are a lot longer than yours.
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Madam Pomfrey,

I know you have your hands as full as can be, but do you think you can squeeze in some time tomorrow to apparate to Sherwood and talk to Terry Boot? Or if you can't, can you contact the healer there and ask him or her to keep a close eye on him? A really close eye.

He's sounding pretty bad. It may be delayed reaction from losing his whole Zulu team, but the news about Neville has hit him hard, too, and he's, well, talking as if he's a few ingredients short of a full potion. He says that death is following him around, and I think he's thinking of chucking the whole thing, walking away from everyone he knows, because he's convinced he'll only bring disaster on us.

Or maybe worse. I don't like to think it, but I'm afraid he might hurt himself somehow.

I asked him to come here to spend the night with me and George at the shop, and he said no. He's never turned that down before.

Please, can you fit in some time to see him? And talk some sense into him? I did what I could, but I'm not--well, I may not be what he needs the most.
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I'm reading this to George. Charlie, if you could pass this along to Bill, and Ron, pass this along to Ginny. If you can ever coordinate schedules with her.

We reckon Mum's spent more than enough time in that sort of catatonic slump, and we're not going to let her do it anymore.

We're planning on apparating home tonight and chivvying her out of bed. Ginny, you've done wonders with her, but it's time to be firm, and if it takes dunking a bucket of ice water on her if she's still pretending to be asleep, that's what we'll do. So if any of you miles away hear yells coming from Ottery St Catchpole, that's what it's all about.

We'll be kind as we can be--we promise--but we ain't going to give her any choice. Percy the git, was Percy, but that isn't enough reason for her to stop living.

(Oh, and Ginny, tell Luna thanks for all the help bringing the harvest in and helping with the canning. We weren't able to help as much as we'd like.)
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Hallo, George here, mostly to say to both of you 'thanks' for putting sample products out in the Common Rooms, along with the flyers. It seems to working; the owl orders keep growing. Wanted to remind you too that since this is a Hogsmeade weekend, it'd help if you mention to your friends that if they're so inclined they might stop by Zonko's to ask when they're going to be carrying our merchandise again. We figure it can only help (as long as they're polite about it.)

(Mum would be astonished to hear us admonishing anybody to be polite. It's amazing what new facets of character you can plumb when opening up a business.)

Parkinson, along with the next batch of samples we're sending a proposed schedule for the Grand Opening day events. Let us know what you think. Lee's going to lend a hand, but we think we might hire a couple of others from our class who wouldn't mind help ladling punch and manning the till for a day. We plan to offer door prizes on the hour, and we also applied for a one-day permit to set off some of the smaller fireworks from the roof at the end of the day. Nothing too alarming or big, like Ricochet Rockets, but some of the Saucy Salamanders and Dragon Shebangs might be nice. Don't know if we'll get permission, but it's worth a try.

Mum landed another tenant this week. She's pleased, but sort of nervy about everything. We think it'll be good when we're past the Grand Opening. Dunno if her nerves could take the strain much longer.
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I'm so sorry. It's all my bloody fault.

I don't know how I'll be able to go on without him.
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I revised for NEWTs.

The end.
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