Jul. 11th, 2015

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George and I have been kicking ideas around since we got up this morning.

Look. Both Bill and us have managed independently to create secret locks piggybacked on the journals' magic. We want to figure out a way for Ginny to be able to communicate privately with us. If she's allowed to have her journal. If we can figure out away for it to happen without Bella harvesting her mind afterward. We realise those are big 'ifs.' Still...

We can't use the Order lock for her anymore. Ginny was never on the I Solemnly Swear lock. Both of those groups would have security issues because of all the knowledge stored under those locks which mean we can't allow Ginny to use them. Bella will order her to read to them any message that they see has a journal entry that's headed 'Private message to Ginny Weasley' or 'Private message to the Weasley family.'

But what if we set up a lock, just for her to use, with no secure secrets on it? An age-defined lock would be good, like the I Solemnly Swear lock was. That way Ginny's hosts wouldn't be able to see the journal header. (That's why we're including Luna and Evelyn on this message--they could write to her.) Or maybe a group that it wouldn't occur to Bella and Dolohov she's a part of, and so wouldn't think to order her to read it to them. 'Gryffindor Quidditch Team' or 'Rising Seventh Year Prefects' would be obvious. Something more off ball. I dunno: Redhaired Purest Sparkle Ex-Models. Honey Hive Tenders. Something.

Maybe we could figure out a way to set up some way that she could write securely? Even if we never talk to her, and so there are no incoming messages for her to report to them?

If we did something like the I Solemnly Swear Lock, with a password, I don't know how we could get it to her. Anyone might be there if we sent her a Patronus, and I doubt Pig could get to her. Maybe someone has another idea?

Look, we know you all have loads of other things to do, and we're not asking anyone to drop whatever they're doing to work on this. Maybe everything she reads they're gonna know. Maybe this is hopeless. But we want to be able to noodle around a bit on this and we thought some other devious minds might be able to help, if anyone is interested.

Anyway, it gives us something constructive to do other than sitting around imagining everything awful that's happening to her. And keeping the Weasley twins busy and out of trouble is always a bonus.


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